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Marvin Kaleky
REALTOR® Emeritus
Agents Realty Group LLC at Kings Point

Cell Phone: 954-270-6122
Office Phone: 954-718-9696
Office Fax: 954-718-9697

My real estate career in Florida began in 1970 as a young salesman in North Miami Beach. I found early success as the top salesperson in an office of 12 agents, as I led in listings and sales.

I started my own office 3 years later, and eventually, I located with a large office in North Miami Beach where I started teaching the real estate course.

In 1982 I started appraising real estate as well as continuing my sales career. As a result of my selling, appraising, and teaching I became very proficient in real estate. I was the recipient of The Golden Rule Award, which was one of the top honors of the year at the Miami Board of Realtors. I also became the first mediator for the Miami Board which followed my chairmanship of Professional Standards and Multiple Listing Committees.

At Agents Realty Group, LLC I am very much involved in sales and appraising which go hand in hand in real estate. Your phone calls and referrals are always welcome.

And, always remember that I promise to get my sellers the highest price possible, in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of inconvenience.

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